Round Back Residential Roof Jack Vent Cap

Round Back Roof Jack in Black showing Tailpipe
Round Back Roof Jack In Kitchen Range Hood Venting Application

Keep out rain, snow, insects and animals while venting out your duct.
An excellent roof jack, The Round Back provides guarded ventilation for flex ducts and rigid ducts. Guarded ventilation means that having a round design makes them aerodynamic and able to deflect wind and the objects (debris) it carries. Hidden inner louvers under the solid lid test to be are more effective than insect screen and the louvers allow for better ventilation. Having a low profile makes the Round Back Roof Jacks look appealing to the eye, and with various color options they help to make the roof look beautiful.

 2" Collar4" Collar
3" DiameterRBV-3-C2-TPRBV-3-C4-TP
4" DiameterRBV-4-C2-TPRBV-4-C4-TP
5" DiameterRBV-5-C2-TPRBV-5-C4-TP
6" DiameterRBV-6-C2-TPRBV-6-C4-TP
7" DiameterRBV-7-C2-TPRBV-7-C4-TP
8" DiameterRBV-8-C2-TPRBV-8-C4-TP
9" DiameterRBV-9-C2-TPRBV-9-C4-TP

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