Insulated Roof Curbs - 18 inch Tall

Roof Curb for Mounting Curb Mount Flange Vents and Fans
Roof Curb available with matching roof cap

AVP’s Insulated Roof Curbs with Foil Faced Board Insulation

The insulated 18 inch tall roof curbs are for EPDM, PVC and TPO roofs. The insulation improves energy efficiency and provides both a water and air barrier.

AVP uses Johns Manville’s Foil Faced Polyisocyanurate Board Insulation. This provides a smooth surface resistant to absorption. As a result, adding any extra layer of protection. As moisture laden air moves through the roof curb to the vent or exhaust fan, there’s no loose insulation to absorb moisture. Instead, the moisture will pass through the insulated roof curb and vent directly outside.

The Johns Manville insulation is double foiled to stop the build up of moisture. Instead, the foil repels water to prevent possible mold from forming.

Outer Width

Inside Opening

SizeInsulated Roof Curbs
15"13"18"For a 12" Diameter Vent or FanRC-12-H18-Ins
17"15"18"For a 14" Diameter Vent or FanRC-14-H18-Ins
19"17"18"For a 16" Diameter Vent or FanRC-16-H18-Ins
21"19"18"For a 18" Diameter Vent or FanRC-18-H18-Ins
23"21"18"For a 20" Diameter Vent or FanRC-20-H18-Ins
27"25"18"For a 24" Diameter Vent or FanRC-24-H18-Ins
33"31"18"For a 30" Diameter Vent or FanRC-30-H18-Ins
39"37"18"For a 36" Diameter Vent or FanRC-36-H18-Ins
45"43"18"For a 42" Diameter Vent or FanRC-42-H18-Ins
51"49"18"For a 48" Diameter Vent or FanRC-48-H18-Ins

AVP uses 1” thick board with an R-6 value for the RC-12 to RC-48 models. Fiberglass insulation for 1” is around R-3 value. The ridged board provides double the amount of insulation value available per inch of thickness.

Polyiso has the highest R-value per inch of any rigid board insulation. This insulation meets both CFC- and HCFC-free specification requirements.

AVP's curb mount flange vent lines are ready to install on the insulated roof curbs. This includes Aura Vent, Intake Pop Vents and Round Back Vents. AVP also manufactures Attic Fans and Aura Solar Fans with curb mount flanges.

Shop insulated roof curbs on AVP’s website:

For any questions, email the sales team [email protected] or call 845-565-7770.

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