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The Aura Attic Fan

Aura Attic Fan with vent cap removed to show the fan in the collar
Our Roof Exhaust Fan is the Aura Attic Fan line of power vents, designed for efficiency and energy savings.
Our line of Aura Attic Fans exhaust continuously whether the electric motor is on or off. This is due to its vertical louver design, which allows air to exhaust using wind, without moving parts.

Unlike the turbine vent, which is open to the sky and allows rain water to enter, our Aura Attic Fans have vertical louvers that prevent rain and snow from entering. The slotted louvers do not allow insects to build up or collect like an insect screen. It keeps the Vent clean to allow maximum air exhaustion without resistance. The attached vent head is removable when needed to allow for inspections or maintenance. Available in a wide range of diameter sizes. A powder coating paint option is also available to match any building material.