Pitch Pan - Square

Pitch Pan - Pitch Pocket Group of 3
Group of 3
Pitch Pan - Pitch Pocket PP-4x4-H3
Pitch Pan - Pitch Pocket PP-8x8-H3

Secure irregular roof penetrations with Pitch Pans - A Retrofit Flashing Kit

pitch pan is a type of roof flashing for small or irregular roof penetrations. They are filled with a pourable sealer that protects and encases supporting connections and irregular roof penetrations. Easily seal any vertical penetrations using AVP's prefabricated pitch pans. They play a key role in maintaining the overall health of the roof because they seal out water in vulnerable areas.

They are also often called pitch pockets because they create a reservoir around the penetration that is then filled with a fluid sealant to ensure a leak-proof seal. Since most roof leaks occur at points of penetration, it’s critical to have a high-quality pitch pan.

At AVP, we offer a variety of sizes and heights. We make it easy to secure electrical conduits, I-beam supports, or multiple small penetrations very close together. Our sizes vary from square boxes to rectangular boxes with heights from 3 inches up to 8 inches. As a result, every customer will be able to find a pitch pocket to fit their needs.

Made from durable rust-free aluminum, our pitch pockets will last and keep the roof protected. Pitch pans on single-ply roofs like EPDM, PVC, or TPO require special pourable sealants formulated to work with that system.

Diameter3" Height5" Height8" Height
4" x 4" PP-4x4-H3PP-4x4-H5PP-4x4-H8
6" x 6"PP-6x6-H3PP-6x6-H5PP-6x6-H8
8" x 8"PP-8x8-H3PP-8x8-H5PP-8x8-H8

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