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Miami-Dade County Approved Keepa Roof Vents remove heat and moisture from the attic extending roof membrane life

The Keepa Attic Vent is for Flat Roof Ventilation. Flat roof ventilation is a roof pitch that is 2/12 or less. This attic vent removes excess moisture from the attic during the winter and heat during the summer. As a result, this will extend the life of the roof membrane. The Keepa Attic Vent can work as a two-way vent. In other words, this vent can work as an exhaust vent or as an intake vent for ventilating attics and or plenums. It comes with a standard flat flange that can be mounted directly onto the roof. However, it can be made with a curb mount flange in order for it to be installed onto a roof curb. These roof vents can also be manufactured with tailpipe adapters if the vent is needed to connect to ductwork.

The Keepa Attic Vent has an aerodynamic round design that is available in diameters 3 to 12 inches. 3 inch attic vents come with a 7 inch tall collar while the 4 inch through 12 inch diameters come with an 11 inch tall collar. The 11 inch collars are rated for all climate zones.

In addition, the round design is aerodynamic to withstand wind speeds up to 200 mph. The Keepa Attic Vent is Miami-Dade County Approved.

Net Free Area
in Sq. In.

Inside Diameter

Overall Height

Collar Height

All attic vents are made of durable rust-free aluminum. The Keepa’s round cap is removable for an easy installation of the base onto a membrane roof.

The Keepa Vent has proven to be an outstanding and affordable choice for flat roof ventilation.

Keepa roof vent are UL Listed and rated up to 50+ PSF or wind pressure above 200 MPH.  Certified by Texas Department of InsuranceFlorida State Approved & Conforms to the Standards of CALFIRE.

For any questions please see the frequently asked questions page. If you still have questions, email the sales team [email protected] or call 845-565-7770. If you are looking to determine the pitch of your roof, see the Roof Pitch Diagram.
Keepa Calculator
UL Certification
Miami-Dade County NOA

Calculate Keepa Vent Ventilation for given area

Enter below the Width and Length of the attic space you intend to ventilate. You may also enter the size of the attic directly in the "Area" field at the bottom.

Enter width of space to calculate area (or enter Area below)

Enter width of space to calculate area (or enter Area below)

If you know it, you may enter the area directly here

The diameter size of all roof vents determines the Net Free Area, also known as the "NFA". NFA is the measured amount of opening each vent offers at each specific size. to be available for venting air through a specific vent size. The calculator below will find the overall number of vents needed to effectively ventilate the targeted attic space.

Once you have the area, pulldown to select the specific vent diameter to show the number of vents of that size which would ventilate the specified area with both 1/300 and 1/150 rule.

*Please note
The roof vent calculation values shown above are for the exhaust portion of the roof. The same amount of net free air inches is needed for air intake as well. Proper roof ventilation consists of 50% air exhaust and 50% air intake.

UL Certificate of Compliance Active Ventilation Products Keepa Vent UL Certificate of Compliance Active Ventilation Products Keepa Vent

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