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Attic Vents for Exhaust or Intake: Keepa Vents

Attic Vent - Keepa Vent for Intake or Exhaust - Model:KV-12Our Keepa Vents remove heat and moisture from the attic with no moving parts!
Our UL certified Keepa Vent is tested to withstand wind pressure speeds up to 200 mph! Its standard 11 inch collar height is great for flat roof applications, especially for locations that accumulate high levels of snow or rain fall. Can be used as an air intake or exhaust roof vent. These vents have an all aluminum construction, which means it is durable, lightweight, and it WILL NOT RUST!

Our Keepa Roof Vents have inner vertical louvers with an 1/8th inch diameter opening, thus maximizing air flow without letting in insects or animals. These are better than insect screens that clog up easily. And unlike your typical whirly-bird turbine vents, our keepa vents are not open to the sky, which prevents rain and snow from entering. The louver blades and noncombustible material meet the requirements of California building code 706A.2 Vents to resist the intrusion of burning embers and flame through ventilation openings.

ModelInside DiameterOutside DiameterStandard HeightCollar HeightFree Area
KV-033"5.5"11"7"7 sq in
KV-044"7"15"11"12 sq in
KV-055"8.25"15"11"19 sq in
KV-066"9.25"15"11"28 sq in
KV-077"10.25"15"11"38 sq in
KV-088"11.5"15"11"50 sq in
KV-099"12.25"15"11"60 sq in
KV-1010"14.5"15"11"78 sq in
KV-1212"16"15"11"113 sq in

Our Keepa Vents have UL Certification.
Check out other details and specifics on
UL’s Online Certifications Directory.