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Vent Pipe Caps

Angled image of a vent pipe cap
Our Vent Pipe Caps are designed to fit over metal pipes extending through the roof.
Its all aluminum construction is durable, lightweight, and will never rust! Our vent caps are not open to the sky, so they keep out rain, snow and debris. These static vent pipe caps have vertical louvers that allow air to pass through while preventing insects, birds and animals from entering the pipe. Diameter sizes 3 in. through 10 in. feature our Round Back design, while diameter sizes 12 in. to 24 in. feature our Pop Vent design.

DiameterVent Pipe Cap Model
3" DiameterVPC-03
4" DiameterVPC-04
5" DiameterVPC-05
6" DiameterVPC-06
7" DiameterVPC-07
8" DiameterVPC-08
9" DiameterVPC-09
10" DiameterVPC-10
12" DiameterVPC-12
12" DiameterPV-12-RF
14" DiameterPV-14-RF
16" DiameterPV-16-RF
18" DiameterPV-18-RF
20" DiameterPV-20-RF
24" DiameterPV-24-RF
Pop Vent retrofit vent on an old wind turbine base

A vent pipe cap installed on a metal pipe