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Aura Solar Attic Fan

The Aura Solar Attic Fan uses both solar and wind power for optimum ventilation performance, both day and night.
The solar panel wattage is over-sized to the fans at a rate of 2 to 1. This results in Cubic Feet per Minute (CFM) production at angles up to 80 degrees. Even during evenings and cloudy days when the solar panel is not hit by sunlight, the inner and outer vertical louvers around the fan allow air to exhaust passively.

When the hot air from the inside and the fresh air from the outside pass through, a vacuum is created. This further exhausts the attic space without the need for moving parts. As a result, attic temperatures are lowered and air conditioning loads are reduced both day and night. The inner louver design of the vent also prevents rain and snow from entering. Compare this to turbine vents, which are open to the sky and let in rain when not in motion. The louvers keep out insects and animals as well. This works more effectively than an insect screen, which tends to clog up and reduce air flow.

  • Quiet operation
  • All aluminum construction
  • Optional thermostat/cut-off switch available
  • Optional auxiliary solar panel also available
 2" Collar4" Collar6" Collar8" Collar12" Collar
4" DiameterASF-04-C02ASF-04-C04ASF-04-C06ASF-04-C08ASF-04-C12
6" DiameterASF-06-C02ASF-06-C04ASF-06-C06ASF-06-C08ASF-06-C12
8" DiameterASF-08-C02ASF-08-C04ASF-08-C06ASF-08-C08ASF-08-C12
10" DiameterASF-10-C02ASF-10-C04ASF-10-C06ASF-10-C08ASF-10-C12
12" DiameterASF-12-C02ASF-12-C04ASF-12-C06ASF-12-C08ASF-12-C12
14" DiameterASF-14-C02ASF-14-C04ASF-14-C06ASF-14-C08ASF-14-C12
16" DiameterASF-16-C02ASF-16-C04ASF-16-C06ASF-16-C08ASF-16-C12
18" DiameterASF-18-C02ASF-18-C04ASF-18-C06ASF-18-C08ASF-18-C12
20" DiameterASF-20-C02ASF-20-C04ASF-20-C06ASF-20-C08ASF-20-C12
24" DiameterASF-24-C02ASF-24-C04ASF-24-C06ASF-24-C08ASF-24-C12
30" DiameterASF-30-C02ASF-30-C04ASF-30-C06ASF-30-C08ASF-30-C12