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Roof Louver for Air Intake - Pop Vent with Curb Mount Flange PV-12-C12-CMF-2

Our Air Intake Pop Vents provide outdoor air directly into fresh air ducts, attics or buildings.
In order to exhaust air, you need intake air! Our line of intake vents allow your exhaust vents to work efficiently, by bringing in fresh air as your exhaust releases the hot air. All aluminum construction, these intake roof vents are maintenance free and will not rust! UL certified and tested to withstand wind pressure speeds up to 200 mph.

Pop Vent is manufactured with vertical louvers that prevent rain and snow from entering. The slotted louvers do not allow insects to build up or collect like an insect screen. It keeps the Pop Vent clean to allow maximum fresh air supply without resistance. Used for commercial and residential applications and available in several diameter sizes. The attached vent head is removable when needed to allow for inspections or duct maintenance. A powder coating paint option is available to match any building material. These Pop Vent roof louvers with Curb Mount Flange are ready out of the box to be mounted directly onto Roof Curbs. You can make them on site, or select one of our prefabricated  aluminum Roof Curbs, fitted for easy installation.

2 minute install of Pop Vent with Curb Mount Flange on a Roof Curb

Our Pop Vents have UL Certification.
Check out other details and specifics on
UL's Online Certifications Directory.

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