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Round Back Vent with Curb Mount Flange

For Flat Roofs with Curb Mounts

The Round Back Vent exhausts out hot air from the attic in the summer and moist attic air from the attic in the winter, while preventing rain and or snow from entering the roof. Having a round design makes the Round Back Roof Vent aerodynamic, thus allowing it to deflect wind and objects carried by the wind. Insects and vermin will also not be able to penetrate the roof vent.

Shown above is The Round Back Vent with curb mount flange, which is engineered to be mounted on top of a roof curb. The curb mounted flange allows for easy access to the opening of a roof curb if maintenance of the attic, fan, or duct below is needed. Curbs are available as well.

All of our roof vents, curb mount flanges and roof curbs are made of aluminum, which makes them durable, lightweight, and WILL NEVER RUST!

Other affordable roof vents tend to be made of galvanized steel. Galvanized rusts and you can see those roof vents creating rust streaks down people’s roofs. Our Round Back Roof Vent will not rust, they always look like new, even years later.

Round Back Roof Vents are also available in a flat flange model for pitched and shingled roofs.

 2" Collar
6" DiameterRBV-06-C02-CMF
8" DiameterRBV-08-C02-CMF
10" DiameterRBV-10-C02-CMF
12" DiameterRBV-12-C02-CMF