Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange

Static Vents with curb mount flange
Static roof vents with curb mount flange

When Static Vents are to be placed onto roof curbs

The Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange is a versatile solution that serves both as an air exhaust and air intake vent. It effectively removes air from ducts or attics while allowing fresh air to circulate, keeping rain and snow out. This roof vent is specifically engineered with a curb mount flange, making it suitable for installation onto roof curbs.

The Curb Mount Flange Advantage

The Round Back Vent with Curb Mount Flange is designed to fit over a curb, thanks to its cup-like shape flange. The flange securely attaches the vent to the curb, providing easy access to the attic cavity or duct below. The curb offers additional clearance by elevating the vent off the roof deck, allowing for installation in various climates. The height options of the curbs have been engineered to cater to different climate zones, ensuring optimal performance and durability.

Choosing the Right Curb Height

The curb height is crucial when installing the Round Back Static Vent. It is determined by the climate zone and the amount of snowfall experienced in the area. Let's explore the recommended curb heights for different climates:

  • 6" Tall Curb: Ideal for warm tropical climates that do not experience snowfall.
  • 8" Tall Curb: Suitable for mild climates with minimal snowfall.
  • 12" Tall Curb: Engineered for climates with moderate amounts of snow.
  • 18" Tall Curb: Recommended for cold or high alpine areas that frequently experience heavy snowfall during winters.

Choosing the appropriate curb height ensures that the vent functions optimally and withstands the weather conditions it will encounter. Insulated roof curbs are also available if you need extra protection from condensation build-up.

Tailpipe Adapter for Duct Ventilation

If you need to ventilate a duct, such as a bathroom fan, the Round Back Roof Jack with a tailpipe adapter is the perfect solution. This specialized vent allows for the seamless integration of ducts, ensuring efficient airflow and effective ventilation. The tailpipe adapter creates a connection point for the duct, allowing the vent to perform its intended function without compromising the roof's structural integrity.

Asphalt Shingle Compatibility

The Round Back Static Vent for asphalt shingles is available for attic ventilation purposes. This roof vent variant is specifically designed for roofs with a pitch of 3/12 or steeper. The Round Back Static Vent for asphalt shingles provides an excellent solution for ensuring proper ventilation in attics, allowing for the removal of excess heat and moisture. It promotes a healthier and more comfortable living environment by preventing the build-up of mold, mildew, and other damaging elements.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

To address any queries or concerns you may have, we have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange:

  • Q: How do I determine my roof's pitch? A: To determine your roof's pitch, refer to the Roof Pitch Diagram, which provides a visual guide for accurate measurement.
  • Q: Can I install the Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange myself? A: While installation is possible for those with experience in roofing, we recommend consulting a professional to ensure proper installation and optimal performance.
  • Q: What are the benefits of using the Round Back Static Vent for asphalt shingles? A: The Round Back Static Vent for asphalt shingles enhances attic ventilation, preventing the accumulation of heat and moisture and promoting a healthier living environment.

For more information and answers to additional questions, please visit our frequently asked questions page on our website.

Contacting Sales and Support

If you still have unanswered questions or require further assistance, our sales team is here to help. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or by calling 845-565-7770. Our dedicated team is ready to provide the guidance and support you need to make an informed decision about the Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange.


The Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange is a highly effective and versatile air exhaust and intake ventilation solution. Its curb mount flange design allows for easy installation on roof curbs, providing additional clearance and ensuring optimal performance in various climate zones. Whether you require duct ventilation or attic ventilation, this vent offers the features and benefits necessary for a healthier and more comfortable living environment. Choose the right curb height for your climate zone and enjoy the benefits of proper ventilation with the Round Back Static Vent with Curb Mount Flange.

Calculate Round Back Vent Ventilation for given area

Enter below the Width and Length of the attic space you intend to ventilate. You may also enter the size of the attic directly in the "Area" field at the bottom.

Enter width of space to calculate area (or enter Area below)

Enter width of space to calculate area (or enter Area below)

If you know it, you may enter the area directly here

The diameter size of all roof vents determines the Net Free Area, also known as the "NFA". NFA is the measured amount of opening each vent offers at each specific size. to be available for venting air through a specific vent size. The calculator below will find the overall number of vents needed to effectively ventilate the targeted attic space.

Once you have the area, pulldown to select the specific vent diameter to show the number of vents of that size which would ventilate the specified area with both 1/300 and 1/150 rule.

*Please note
The roof vent calculation values shown above are for the exhaust portion of the roof. The same amount of net free air inches is needed for air intake as well. Proper roof ventilation consists of 50% air exhaust and 50% air intake.

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