Round Back Intake Roof Vent

Intake Roof Vent

The round back intake roof vent is a hybrid design where the top 1/3 of the collar is closed. This side needs to face the ridge of the roof. As a result, this will prevent runoff from entering inside the vent. The rest of the collar has 1/8 inch louvers that prevent rain, snow, insects, and animals from entering inside.

This 12 inch roof vent is ideal for roofs with a 2/12 to 5/12 roof pitch in climate zones 1-3. This intake roof vent should be installed near the lower end of the roof.

To determine the number of vents you may need for proper attic ventilation, see the Vent Calculator.

The Round Back Intake Roof Vent will provide fresh air into the attic. Without proper rooftop ventilation, heat and moisture may cause decay of the structure. In other words, ventilation helps to make a home more comfortable and energy efficient.


2" Tall Collar
For any questions please see the frequently asked questions page. If you still have questions, email the sales team [email protected] or call 845-565-7770. If you are looking to determine the pitch of your roof, see the Roof Pitch Diagram.
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