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Replace Your Rusty Wind Turbines: Aura Vent Retrofit

A Retrofit Roof Vent on an existing base - Aura Vent Retrofit
The Aura Vent Retrofit – A gravity roof vent you can fit onto an existing vent pipe or wind turbine base.

Aura Vent Retrofit Roof Vent Models are designed to replace existing roof vents.
A perfect replacement for roof wind turbine (“Whirlybird”) vent heads! Turbines frequently slow or stop turning entirely due to wear, corrosion, or damage from high winds. Aura Vent Retrofit heads do not move, but provide active suction through a patented louver design which makes use of the Venturi effect. These vertical louvers also prevent rain and snow from entering, unlike the typical turbine vent which is open to the sky. Make your roof ventilation maintenance free!

DiameterAura Ventilator Retrofit Model
4" DiameterAV-04-RF
6" DiameterAV-06-RF
8" DiameterAV-08-RF
10" DiameterAV-10-RF
12" DiameterAV-12-RF
14" DiameterAV-14-RF
16" DiameterAV-16-RF
18" Diameter AV-18-RF
20" DiameterAV-20-RF
24" DiameterAV-24-RF
30" DiameterAV-30-RF
36" DiameterAV-36-RF
42" DiameterAV-42-RF
48" DiameterAV-48-RF

Worn Out and Squeaky Wind Turbine Vent

Strong, Silent, and Dry Aura Vent Retrofit

Available in sizes from 4 inches to 48 inches in diameter.

Easy Installation. Does not require precise leveling or balancing. No Moving Parts! 

Roof Vents - featured AV-14-RF Color: Brown

Moving parts wear out. Even if it is installed perfectly, roof turbines are exposed to the extremes and unpredictability of the weather. If a roof turbine is making noise, it is slowing down and wearing out. When it slows down, it is more likely that the turbine will start allowing rain in.