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Aura Vent Retrofit

Residential Roof Vents - Aura Vent Retrofit on shingle roof

Aura Vent Retrofit Roof Vent Models are designed to replace existing roof vents.
They are a perfect replacement for turbine vent heads! Turbines frequently slow or stop turning entirely due to wear, corrosion, or damage from high winds. Aura Vent Retrofit heads do not move, but provide active suction through a patented louver design which makes use of the Venturi effect. These vertical louvers also prevent rain and snow from entering, unlike the typical turbine vent which is open to the sky. Make your roof ventilation maintenance free!

DiameterAura Ventilator Retrofit Model
4" DiameterAV-04-RF
6" DiameterAV-06-RF
8" DiameterAV-08-RF
10" DiameterAV-10-RF
12" DiameterAV-12-RF
14" DiameterAV-14-RF
16" DiameterAV-16-RF
18" Diameter AV-18-RF
20" DiameterAV-20-RF
24" DiameterAV-24-RF
30" DiameterAV-30-RF
36" DiameterAV-36-RF
42" DiameterAV-42-RF
48" DiameterAV-48-RF
Aura Roof Ventilator Animation - Venturi Effect

The Aura Ventilator™ uses minimal wind power and no moving parts. The wind enters the unit through a set of exterior vertical louvers, producing the necessary vacuum to extract excess moisture through a second set of interior louvers. As demonstrated from this view from above, air enters vent from the front (left side of diagram), passing through exterior louvers into the inner chamber, where it circulates and picks up speed. As a result, a vacuum draws up the warm vapors from beneath the vent into the middle section. These vapors enter the inner chamber through the interior louvers and circulate together with the air which had entered from outside, until they both forcefully exit through the back of the vent (the right side of the diagram).