Features Compared Side by Side

Roof Mounted Wind Turbine versus the Aura Gravity Ventilator

Picture above shows both Roof Vents a rotary turbine vent (left) and an Aura Gravity Ventilator (right) with Curb Mount Flanges


Roof Turbine VS Aura Gravity Vent

  • roof turbine can be made of galvanized steel that rusts, as shown above.


  • Roof turbines wear out & lose their functionality.


  • Aura Gravity Ventilator’s ventilation capacity never decreases. They always work like new.

  • Will eventually make noise when it turns. Once turbines are noisy, the chance of leaking rainwater & snow will increase.


  • Always silent when ventilating and will always prevent rain & snow from entering.

  • Needs to be leveled when installed.


  • Much easier to be installed because it does not need to be leveled.

  • Spinning roof turbines need to be removed from the roof in preparation for an incoming hurricane.


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