Appearance matters

When it comes to roof vents, we know it's about more than just how well they work; It's also how they look on your roof. Active Ventilation designs roof vents with various sizes, colors, and sleek design options. This ensures the proper vent to fit your needs and match your roof.

Easy install, no leakage, efficient ventilation, and top that off with a great appearance. Check out this customer review below:

"I started doing research on roof ventilation about two months ago. I was not pleased with the appearance of the ridge roof vents or the spinning roof turbines. They always seem to require lubrication. This is why I chose the Aura Ventilators.

I purchased 2 AV-18‘s.They were very easy to install. I used the side of the shipping box to make a template. After installation I immediately notice a two degree reduction in temperature inside our home, especially the great room. The Aura ventilators cannot be seen from street level since they're on the back of the house using a 2 inch collar. Water leakage has not presented itself as a problem on a 6/12 pitch roof. In fact I will probably install a pair on my rental home, also my mother-in-laws home."

Aura Roof Vents Installed On A Home In St. Louis, Missouri
Read about another customer who was happy with how easy it was to install our vents, and how well they work! Efficient, Effective, and Easy Install
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