Commercial Witches Hat Vent

Witches Hat Vent

A Passive Vent Designed for Flat Roofs

Passive ventilation is a crucial element in maintaining the health and longevity of flat roofs. One innovative solution for flat roof ventilation is the Witches Hat, a passive vent designed by Active Ventilation Products (AVP). We will explore the features and benefits of the Witches Hat and its impact on the overall functionality and efficiency of the building.

Understanding the Importance of Attic Ventilation

Before delving into the specifics of the Witches Hat, it's essential to understand the importance of attic ventilation in maintaining a healthy building. Proper ventilation helps remove excess heat during the summer and excess moisture during the winter, thus extending the roof's lifespan and enhancing the performance of HVAC systems. AVP acknowledges this significance and offers the Witches Hat as a reliable solution for flat roof ventilation.

Features and Design of the Witches Hat

The Witches Hat is designed to provide efficient ventilation for low-sloped or flat roofs. Its seamless top prevents the entry of water and snow, ensuring optimal performance even in harsh weather conditions. The internal louvers are a barrier, preventing insects, rodents, or birds from infiltrating the attic space. This vent effectively expels hot air during the summer and excess moisture during the winter, maintaining a healthy environment within the building.

Installation Process and Compatibility

The Witches Hat is known for its ease of installation on various roof membranes, including EPDM, PVC, TPO, and more. Its detachable head simplifies the installation process, allowing for a hassle-free setup. AVP has designed this vent to be compatible with all climate zones, making it a versatile solution for flat roof ventilation.

Advantages of the Witches Hat

  • Enhanced Roof Lifespan: By effectively ventilating the attic, the Witches Hat helps remove excess heat and moisture, preventing damage to the roof and extending its lifespan.
  • Improved HVAC Efficiency: Proper ventilation reduces the strain on HVAC systems, allowing them to operate more efficiently and effectively.
  • Pest Prevention: The internal louvers of the Witches Hat act as a barrier against insects, rodents, and birds, preventing them from entering the attic and causing damage.
  • Weather Resistant: The seamless top of the Witches Hat ensures that water and snow cannot penetrate, making it suitable for various weather conditions.


The Witches Hat from Active Ventilation Products is a reliable and efficient solution for flat roof ventilation. Its innovative design, seamless top, and internal louvers provide effective ventilation while preventing the entry of water, snow, and pests. By installing the Witches Hat, building owners can enhance the lifespan of their roofs, improve HVAC efficiency, and maintain a healthy environment within the building. Follow the simple installation steps and perform regular maintenance to ensure optimal performance and longevity of this passive vent.

12" Collar Height
8" DiameterWH-8

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