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Delivery Information

Shipping Policy for the Continental US

At Active Ventilation Products (AVP) we know that the most important step after purchasing is receiving the product in a timely manner. Below are general points of information that explain the process in how orders are shipped. All questions that are not covered should be directed to our office at 845-565-7770.

Shipping Methods:

For low quantity orders and/or consist of smaller sized vents (typically 18” in diameter or smaller) are shipped by UPS. High quantities and/or larger vents (typically 20” in diameter or larger) ship by truck (see list below).  AVP ships Monday through Friday. Orders placed on Saturday or Sunday or on legal holidays will be processed the next available business day.

Shipping Locations:

AVP will ship to residential, commercial and construction site locations throughout the continental US. Orders shipped to APO, FPO and PO Boxes are automatically sent via US Post Office.

Drop Shipments:

AVP will drop ship orders to facilitate the reduction of handling and delivery time.

Shipping to a Construction Site Address:

Please let us know that you want your order to go to a construction site when placing your order. This important information must be reported to the freight company by us. Freight companies charge extra for delivery to constructions sites and this charge will be passed on to the customer.

Shipping Charges:

Shipping charges are based on the weight, size, and distance the freight must travel. There are additional charges for next day, second day and three day delivery times. These charges are processed at the time the order is shipped.

Prior Delivery Notification:

Notification of 24 hours in advance of delivery is available for an additional fee.

Correct Address:

When placing an order, please make sure your shipping address is correct. UPS and freight carriers charge us fees to correct incorrect shipping addresses. If the address we are given by the customer is proven to be incorrect then we are required to pass that additional charge to the customer.

Orders Damaged in Shipping:

Upon receiving your order please inspect the shipment immediately. If there is any damage to the product and or box, you should refuse the order and tell the carrier that “you are refusing delivery because the package is damaged”. Also, please contact AVP immediately so that a claim can be submitted and a replacement order can be expedited. If there is partial damage (one of several boxes), accept the shipment and make note of the damage on the carrier’s Delivery Receipt. Please fax the Delivery Receipt to AVP immediately at 845-562-8963. If you are not present at the time of delivery and cannot refuse or make note on the Delivery Receipt, then please call AVP immediately at 845-565-7770 to make arrangements to return the damaged order. All damage notifications must be received within 3 business days of receipt of shipment

Damage Claim Submission Procedure:

A damage claim consists of a letter describing the damage to the packaging and the product. If shipped by UPS we need the tracking number off of the label. If shipped by common carrier we need a copy of the delivery receipt. Also, please take digital pictures of both the packaging and products and E-mail them Packaging (box and packing materials such as bubble wrap) must be retained (kept) for 7 business days in the event UPS or the carrier wishes to inspect the damaged packaging. All damage submissions must be received within 5 business days of receipt of shipment.


AVP strives to provide economical, safe and timely delivery of our products. The following freight carriers have Tariffs with AVP:

  • A Duie Pyle
  • ABF Freight
  • Central Transport
  • Con-Way Freight
  • Daylight Transport
  • Estes Express Lines
  • FedEx Freight
  • FedEx National LTL
  • JP Express
  • Land Air Express
  • New Century Transportation
  • New England Motor Freight
  • New Penn Motor Express
  • Old Dominion Freight Lines
  • Pace Motor Lines
  • R+L Carriers
  • UPS Freight
  • USF Red Star
  • Ward Trucking
  • YRC

International Shipping Information

For international orders we ship “material instead of air”

Here is how we ship a container of ventilators:

We manufacture special telescopic or collapsible ventilators. The collar slides into the head of the ventilator. This saves considerable amount of space and allows the shipping of more ventilators per container. Ventilators are collapsed into the “shipped” position, “inspected” (head is removable for ease of installation) and then “installed” by just fastening with four screws. In addition, we can pack the smaller ventilators into the larger ventilators. This fills the empty space inside the ventilators and basically ships them for the cost of only the larger ventilators.

A 30 cubic inch box contains three of the following:

  • AV-24 with 8” collar and 30” square flange
  • AV-18 with 6” collar and 24” square flange
  • AV-12 with 6” collar and 18” square flange
  • AV-8 with 4” collar and 13” square flange
  • AV-4 with 2” adapter to fit onto pipes

A 20 foot dry freight container can hold 63 of the cubic inch boxes. This method of packing results in the shipping of 189 units of each size of ventilator. The total amount of units shipped for a 20 foot container is 945 ventilators. There is a remaining 19 inches on the end that can be used for other ventilators or accessories.

A 40 foot dry freight container can hold 145 of the 30 cubic inch boxes. Again, this method of packing results in the shipping of 435 units of each size of ventilator. The total amount of units shipped for a 40 foot container is 2,175. There is a remaining 17 inches on the end that can be used for other ventilators or accessories.

The above selection of five ventilators per 30 cubic inch box is only a suggestion. Other combinations of size can be packed efficiently as well.

No ventilation manufacturer in the world can pack and be space efficient more than Active Ventilation Products, Inc.