Rooftop Ventilation

Why use rooftop Ventilation?

Without rooftop ventilation heat and moisture can get trapped in the attic and roofing system, which may cause decay of the structure. Additionally, wet insulation in the winter (reflective shingles and coatings are not exempt) and a hot attic in the summer can produce uncomfortable living conditions and higher energy bills.

Proper rooftop ventilation provides:

The release of excess heat and humidity from the building envelope.

Active Ventilation Product’s line of roof air exhaust and air intake ventilators provide the necessary ventilation functions.

Listed below are roof vent functions and attributes.

  • Roof vents work continuously removing excess heat and moisture
  • Extend roof life and help to ensure dry insulation
  • All bathroom fans and range hoods should be vented directly to the outside (no exception) to further ensure that the attic and insulation stay dry.
  • There is a vent engineered for any type of roof and climate
  • Attic fans are a viable yet expensive option
AIr Intake Pop Vent and Air Exhaust Aura Vent Diagram

Cross ventilation using roof-mounted
intake & exhaust vents

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