Rooftop Ventilation

Why use rooftop Ventilation?

Proper ventilation will remove excess heat during the summer and moisture during the winter. As a result, extending the life of the roof and the efficiency of the HVAC systems. In addition, having a balance of exhaust and intake air will keep insulation dry. Having proper roof ventilation is beneficial in all climate zones. For exhaust vents, we recommend Aura Gravity Ventilators as they come in an array of sizes. For intake air, we have Pop Vents and Soffit Vents to balance your attic ventilation. 

Proper rooftop ventilation provides:

Proper ventilation is when you have equal amounts of air exhaust with air intake. Exhaust vents should be on the upper portion of the roof, meaning no lower than 2 feet from the peak. While on the other hand, air intake must be on the lower end of the roof. 

Active Ventilation Product’s line of roof air exhaust and air intake ventilators provide the necessary ventilation functions.

Listed below are roof vent functions and attributes:

  • Roof vents work continuously removing excess heat and moisture
  • Extend roof life and help to ensure dry insulation
  • All bathroom fans and range hoods should be vented directly to the outside 
  • There is a vent for all types of roofs and climates
  • Pitch Pans for securing roof penetrations 
  • Vents with a curb mount flange fit on top of roof curbs

Cross ventilation using roof-mounted
intake & exhaust vents

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