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Rooftop Ventilation


TWO Problems:

STRUCTURE: A flat roof does not have an air inlet. Without proper cross ventilation, heat and moisture are trapped in the attic and roofing system, decaying the structure. PERFORMANCE: Wet insulation in the winter and a hot attic in the summer produce high energy bills.

ONE Solution:

Release humidity and heat by providing an intake and exhaust with AVP’s roof ventilators.

  • Works continuously and is non-electric
  • Conserves energy & extends roof life
  • All aluminum construction
  • Compatible with all types of roofs
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Optional electric fan available
  • Automatic or manual dampers available
  • Curb mount base available
  • Wind tested to 200 MPH
  • 5 year guarantee

Cross ventilation using roof-mounted intake & exhaust vents