Attic Ventilation - Flat Roof Ventilation

To create ventilation for a flat roof you will need to circulate the air in the attic or plenum. Attic ventilation is important as it can help maintain the health of the building. Removing unwanted heat in the summer and excess moisture in the winter will help the life of the roof. This will also help the functionality and efficiency of the HVAC systems. Here at AVP, we have a vent for any roof pitch in all climate zones. We also carry pitch pans to secure roof penetrations. 

Flat Roof Ventilation with Roof Louver and Gravity Ventilator

Flat Roof Ventilation is accomplished when you have equal amounts of air exhaust and air intake. Having both will enable the cavity to breathe with cross ventilation. Our roof vents come in a variety of collar heights to ensure proper ventilation. As a result, reducing the risk of precipitation entering the roof vent. Flat roofs are known to have poor drainage. However, our vents come in an array of heights tall enough to avoid leakage. We also carry roof curbs and vents with curb mount flanges to ensure even more protection for flat roof ventilation.

Aura Gravity Ventilator for exhaust and a Roof Louver the Pop Vent for air intake
Aura Gravity Ventilator for exhaust with wall louvered air intake vents
Aura Attic Fan exhaust with the Roof Louver Pop Vent for air intake
Aura Attic Fan Exhaust with wall louvered air intake vents
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