Roof Curb Caps

Roof Curb Cap
Prefabricated Roof Curb with Roof Curb Cap
Prefabricated Roof Curb with Roof Curb Cap

AVP's Roof Curb Caps will fit over Roof Curbs when they are not in use.

Roof Curb Caps cover the top of the roof curb when there is no vent or fan in place. They keep out precipitation and wildlife from entering the attic. As a result, protecting your home from outside elements.

Each Cap is made from durable rust-free aluminum. The top of the cap is solid to shield the opening of the roof curb. They are quick and easy to install. Simply place the cap over the curb and attach the two together using screws. See the specific installation guides for each size.

AVP offers an array of sizes. See below:


Lip Height

Roof Curb Size
RC-Cap-36.5" x 6.5"1.25"Fits RC-3
RC-Cap-47.5" x 7.5"1.25"Fits RC-4
RC-Cap-58.5" x 8.5"1.25"Fits RC-5
RC-Cap-69.5" x 9.5"1.25"Fits RC-6
RC-Cap-710.5" x 10.5"1.25"Fits RC-7
RC-Cap-811.5" x 11.5"1.25"Fits RC-8
RC-Cap-912.5" x 12.5"1.25"Fits RC-9
RC-Cap-1013.5" x 13.5"1.25"Fits RC-10
RC-Cap-1216" x 16"2"Fits RC-12
RC-Cap-1418" x 18"2"Fits RC-14
RC-Cap-1620" x 20"2"Fits RC-16
RC-Cap-1822" x 22"2"Fits RC-18
RC-Cap-2024" x 24"2"Fits RC-20
RC-Cap-2428" x 28"2"Fits RC-24
RC-Cap-3034" x 34"2"Fits RC-30
RC-Cap-3640" x 40"2"Fits RC-36
RC-Cap-4246" x 46"2"Fits RC-42
RC-Cap-4852" x 52"2"Fits RC-48

For any questions, please email the sales team at [email protected] or call 1-800-ROOFVENT.

What is a Roof Curb?

A Roof Curb is a metal frame that acts as a platform for mounting a roof vent or fan. As a result, this platform will provide additional height allowing for installation in all climate zones. When a roof vent is not currently on the roof curb, the Cap will protect the opening from outside elements.

Building heavy wooden curbs can cause damage to the roofing membrane. Instead, eliminate the possibility of damage by buying AVP's prefabricated ones.

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