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Durable Roof Vents On A Roof In Nova Scotia

Feedback from Nova Scotia

Heavy Snowfall, Rain, Hurricane Winds - Our Durable Roof Vents are Engineered and Tested for that! We have had numerous customers tell us about their experiences after buying a new Aura Ventilator. Many of them tell us that our durable…

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Customer Photo After Hurricane - No Roof Vents Leaking!

Feedback From Florida

Are your roof vents leaking? Say no more to leaky roof vents! Our installed Aura Ventilators Survived 4 Hurricanes, Leaving NO RAIN IN THE ATTIC. In the late summer of 2004, Florida was hit by 4 major hurricanes – in…

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Blue Aura Vent Installed On A Roof In The Caribbean - Highly Recommended

Feedback From The West Indies

Highly recommended, and look groovy too, as us old-timers used to say.. They work great, look great, here in Montserrat in the Caribbean. The buildings are decagons of 8' sides, giving a floor area of a little over 500 sq…

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Our Aura Roof Vents Being Installed On A Home In Southeast Tennessee

Feedback From Chattanooga, TN

Get a Feel for the Venturi Effect: Our Passive Aura Vents are Designed to Draw Out Hot Air by Creating a Vacuum Our Aura Roof Vents do not move, but provide active suction through a patented inner and outer louver…

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Aura Roof Vents Installed On A Home In St. Louis, Missouri

Feedback From St. Louis, MO.

Appearance matters When it comes to roof vents, we know it is about more than just how well they work, but also how they look on your roof. Curb appeal is important, and Active Ventilation has designed roof vents with…

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Feedback From Raleigh, SC.

We get it, sometimes you need building materials quick. While we do manufacture your vents to order, we will help in the best that we can to give you quick shipping when project due dates are approaching. And when they…

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Feedback From White Plains, NY

From the managing agent for Westage Towers East Condominium: Over the last year and a-half, I've bought and installed about 60 AURA BI-FANs. Installation was easy. We haven't had any breakdowns with these fans. They conserve energy and offer better…

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Chicken Coop Vent

Feedback From Maine

What's this about a chicken coop vent? If you're a DIY kind of person and want to build your own coop, dog house, shed, or whatever it may be, you need proper ventilation! We understand that some people have unique…

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Roof Ventilation For Shipping Containers

Feedback From Georgia

Notice the Difference: How Important is Roof Ventilation for Shipping Containers? Many of our customers contact us to tell us how successful our Roof Vents are in a variety of applications. But how well do they really work? This customer…

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Feedback From Maryland

Some while ago you asked me for pictures of our solar attic fan.  As you can tell, I painted around the fan (as well as a fair portion of our roof) with white UV reflective paint as well. "The solar…

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New Vents That Had Replaced The Vents That Had Been Destroyed By Squirrels

Feedback From Chicago, IL

Were your vents destroyed by squirrels, raccoons, or other critters? Are they beyond repair? Replace them with our durable, rust free, all aluminum Universal Vents! Can be used for either intake or exhaust (depending on placement), and installed for off…

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A Dog House Vent - Using Our Aura PVC Vent Cap

Feedback From Lafayette, LA

Our products are unique, and for many situations like these, you'll only find one company in the roof vent industry who can cater to your specific needs. In this case, a customer was building a dog house, and needed ventilation…

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Feedback From Haiti

The roof vent/skylight worked great for the four years it was installed.  It was in the ceiling of an interior bath and it provided light and natural ventilation.  The ceiling was masonry, about 9" thick.  No problems with leaking.  Last…

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Quality Roof Vents On A Metal Shingle Install

Feedback From Texas

We deliver commercial, industrial, and residential products - factory direct! We serve engineers, roofers, DIY's and home owners. We have diameter sizes from 4 inches to 48 inches, and build vent collars as high as 12 inches. Our vents are…

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