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Active Ventilation Products Inc. is closed for all National Holidays. 

If you call Active Ventilation Products Inc., outside of our hours of operation, you may leave a voice message or email us at [email protected]

Active Ventilation Products, Inc. of Newburgh, NY owns and operates The site is available to browse our products and to read our product literature any day, all day. Our office staff is available to assist you with a wide variety of questions during our business hours. That assistance is available by email to [email protected] or by phone at 845-565-7770.

Due to the complexity of shipping vents to different locations around North America, our office staff manually searches for the best shipping quote possible, and adds the shipping amount to the order. For orders placed outside of business hours, there will be a delay until the office staff can work on the shipping quote during the next business day.

  • 12 inch Aura Gravity Vent - AV-12-C8

    Aura Gravity Ventilator | 12″ Diameter 8″ Tall Collar | 113 Sq. In. NFA | Model AV-12-C8

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  • 12 inch Roof vent - Pop Vent Roof Louver | PV-12-C6

    Air Intake Roof Louver | 12″ Diameter 6″ Tall Collar | 113 Sq. In. NFA | Model PV-12-C6

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  • Aura Gravity Vent - AV-14-C6

    Aura Gravity Ventilator | 14″ Diameter 6″ Tall Collar | 144 Sq. In. NFA | Model AV-14-C6

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  • 12 inch Commercial Keepa Roof Jack Vent Cap | 12 inch Roof Vent | KV-12-TP

    Keepa Attic Vent | 12″ Diameter | 113 Sq. In. NFA | Model KV-12

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  • 4 inch Roof Vent - Aura PVC Pipe Cap - AV-4-PVC

    Aura PVC Pipe Cap | 4″ Diameter | Model AV-4-PVC

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  • 18 inch long Under Eave Soffit Vent for Intake Air - SV-W10-L18

    Under Eave Soffit Vent | 10″ Wide 18″ Long | Model SV-W10-L18

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  • Commercial Roof Louver Air Intake For Flat Roof Ventilation | Pop Vent - PV-24-C12

    Air Intake Roof Louver | 24″ Diameter 12″ Tall Collar | 452 Sq. In. NFA | Model PV-24-C12

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  • 16 inch Roof Vent | Aura Gravity Vent AV-16-C12 - Angle

    Aura Gravity Ventilator | 24″ Diameter 12″ Tall Collar | 452 Sq. In. NFA | Model AV-24-C12

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