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Select an Intake Pop Vent Model by Diameter and Collar Size

About the Pop Intake Ventilator

Our Intake Vents provide outdoor air directly into fresh air ducts, attics or buildings.

Active Ventilation Products’ fresh air supply ventilation product line called the Pop Vent, is an excellent choice to allow fresh air to attic spaces or HVAC ducts. Used for commercial and residential applications, the Pop Vent will bring in fresh air to help exhaust attic spaces to reduce hot attic temperatures in the summer and reduce moisture in the winter to keep the attic insulation dry and to prevent ice dams.

The Pop Vent product line is made of corrosion resistant aluminum. It has 3 components: the vent head, collar and flange. It has a manufactured one piece spun aluminum cap that prevents rain and snow from entering the vent verses the turbine vent which is open to the sky and allows rain water to enter in “no wind” conditions. The vent head has a mushroom shape design with an edge of vertical outer louvers to allow easy air movement. The vent head is attached to a collar with screws; making the vent head removable when needed for inspection or duct maintenance. The collar and flange are two separate components formed (beaded) as one unit that is inseparable. The vent head also has an inner cylinder with slotted vertical louvers to keep out insects, birds, and animals that can clog the vent. The slotted louvers do not allow insects to build up or collect like an insect screen. It keeps the Pop Vent clean to allow maximum fresh air supply without resistance.

The Pop Vent product line comes standard in a mill finish that will continually have a long lasting clean appearance. Powder coating paint option is available in a wide selection of colors to match any building material. Our products are proudly designed, engineered and assembled in the U.S.A.

  • Its round aerodynamic design can withstand harsh weather and wind forces of up to 200 mph
  • Built-in inner vertical louver cylinder has a 1/8th inch opening between louver blades that will keep out insect, birds, and animals while allowing air to move through the vent without resistance
  • 1/8th inch opening between the louver blades and all aluminum ("noncombustible") material meets the requirements of California building code 706A.2 Vents to resist the intrusion of burning embers and flame through ventilation openings
  • Powder coating process is significantly greater at resisting scratching, chipping and oxidation than wet paint
  • 5 year warranty

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