Roof Curbs for Flat Roofs and Low Sloped Roofs

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Product Description

Active Ventilation Products’ prefabricated Roof Curb product line is designed for flat roof or low sloped roof applications. Made of corrosion resistant aluminum, our Roof Curbs are rust free, strong, light weight and will never deteriorate or rot. Manufactured fixed width curb, non-ventilated with straight–sided walls, 12 inch curb height, 1 inch mounting flange surface and a 3 inch wide flashing flange to securely fasten to the roof deck. Active Ventilation Products' supports architects and specifiers with CAD DWG drawing and 3 Part Specs. CSI MasterFormat Number for Manufactured Curbs 07 72 13. Proudly designed, engineered, and assembled in the U.S.A.