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How Important is Roof Ventilation for Shipping Containers?

Many of our customers let us know how successful our vents are in a variety of applications. But how well do they really work? This customer wrote us a letter comparing two shipping containers; one that had our Aura Solar Fan on top, and another without a fan.

The difference was as clear as day and night. He realized that he could have saved hundreds of dollars in damage if he had both containers properly ventilated. Read what was said below about the importance of the Aura Solar Attic Fan and why he got another:

"This letter is to commend you and your company on building an excellent product. A couple of years ago I purchased a 40″ Conex Box (Steel Shipping Container). The supplier installed one of your solar vents (ASF-12-C4) on the roof. In addition to a couple of ordinary eave vents in the doors to allow fresh air in. I have a lot of valuable equipment in this container and the solar ventilator has always kept the temperature down and eliminated any problems associated with moisture/humidity.

I live in South Georgia, in a very high humidly environment. Not to mention the summertime days in excess of 100 degrees. We have extreme temperature shifts. The day can start out with frost on the ground and by late afternoon the temperatures may be in the high 60’s or low 70's.  And we're talking about temperature shifts of 30 & 40 degrees in several hours. These extreme shifts can cause extreme moisture/humidity problems especially when dealing with a steel container.

Recently I purchased a smaller 20″ steel shipping container and it was full of additional equipment. I hadn’t been in the container storage unit for some time. But when I did enter it, I was horrified at the damage from moisture and humidity. It was then I realized the importance of the solar ventilation unit on the original container.

As I write this letter, I am ordering an additional solar ventilation unit.  Same as the original one for this container unit. Had I ordered and installed one when I first purchased the container storage unit, I would have been hundreds of dollars ahead and not have all of the damage I now have."

Roof Ventilation For Shipping Containers

Roof Ventilation For Shipping Containers

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