Pop Vent PVC Pipe Cap

Roof Louver PVC Pipe Cap PV-12-PVC Side View
Roof Louver PVC Pipe Cap PV-12-PVC From Bottom

Protect your PVC pipe and increase ventilation at the same time with the Pop Vent PVC Pipe Cap.

The Pop Vent PVC Vent Cap is perfect for ventilating vapors and particles from the PVC pipe. This Vent Cap can be used for both commercial and residential applications. It continually exhausts air with no moving parts, while preventing rain and snow from entering. The vertical louvers keep out insects and animals allowing for optimal air flow. In addition, the round design is aerodynamic to withstand wind speeds up to 200 mph.

The 12 inch diameter of this pipe cap makes it ideal for larger PVC piping. It has 113 square inches of Net Free Air which allows for ventilating both commercial and residential applications. We offer powder coating to match the color of any application. If you are looking for a smaller pipe cap we offer an array of sizes for Aura PVC Pipe Caps and Aura Solar Fan PVC Pipe Caps.

The Pop Vent PVC Vent Cap is an effective ventilator that is quick and easy to install. For help installing, please follow our installation instructions. For any questions please see the frequently asked questions page. If you still have questions, email the sales team [email protected] or call 845-565-7770

Inside DiameterPop PVC Vent Cap Model
Fits 12" PVC pipePV-12-PVC
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