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Aura Roof Exhaust Vents

Our Aura Roof Exhaust Vents remove heat and moisture from the attic with no moving parts!
Our UL certified Aura Vent is tested to withstand wind pressure speeds up to 200 mph! These vents have an all aluminum construction, which means it is durable, lightweight, and is WILL NOT RUST! The Aura Ventilator is silent as it does not require electricity to create air flow. Our Aura Roof Vents have inner vertical louvers with an 1/8th inch diameter opening. This maximizes air flow without letting in insects or animals. These are better than insect screens that clog up and reduce air flow. And unlike your typical whirly-bird turbine vents, our aura vents are not open to the sky, which prevents rain and snow from entering.

The Aura Vent is maintenance free, and comes in an array of sizes and heights for both commercial and residential applications.

 2" Collar4" Collar6" Collar8" Collar12" Collar
4" DiameterAV-04-C02AV-04-C04
6" DiameterAV-06-C02AV-06-C04AV-06-C06AV-06-C08AV-06-C12
8" DiameterAV-08-C02AV-08-C04AV-08-C06AV-08-C08AV-08-C12
10" DiameterAV-10-C02AV-10-C04AV-10-C06AV-10-C08AV-10-C12
12" DiameterAV-12-C02AV-12-C04AV-12-C06AV-12-C08AV-12-C12
14" DiameterAV-14-C02AV-14-C04AV-14-C06AV-14-C08AV-14-C12
16" DiameterAV-16-C02AV-16-C04AV-16-C06AV-16-C08AV-16-C12
18" DiameterAV-18-C02AV-18-C04AV-18-C06AV-18-C08AV-18-C12
20" DiameterAV-20-C02AV-20-C04AV-20-C06AV-20-C08AV-20-C12
24" DiameterAV-24-C02AV-24-C04AV-24-C06AV-24-C08AV-24-C12
30" DiameterAV-30-C02AV-30-C04AV-30-C06AV-30-C08AV-30-C12
36" DiameterAV-36-C04AV-36-C06AV-36-C08AV-36-C12
42" DiameterAV-42-C04AV-42-C06AV-42-C08AV-42-C12
48" DiameterAV-48-C04AV-48-C06AV-48-C08AV-48-C12
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