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active ventilation products celebrates 21 years

Celebrating the Purchase of Our Beloved Building

On April 13th, 2016 my brother Martin Kolt (sitting on the right in the picture above) and I (Ethan Kolt sitting on the left) bought the 311 1st street building.   The picture above is Martin and I celebrating by having a toast right after the closing of the building.

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Thank you Billy

Thank You Billy!

The year was 1978, I (Ethan on the far right) was 5 years old and Martin (on the far left) was 17. That’s when our family met Billy Silva (in the middle). Billy was someone our father Stanley Kolt had hired to be his machine engineer. Shortly after hiring Billy it…

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Residential Gravity Roof Ventilator

The Most Common Types of Roof Vents

An attic ventilation system consists of a balance between exhaust vents and intake vents. Together, this will create a ventilation system that helps to reduce attic temperature and excess moisture. Intake vents should be near the bottom of the roof and are a very important part of attic ventilation.

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AVP since 1997

Active Ventilation Products celebrates 20 years!

February 27th 2017, Newburgh, NY – Active Ventilation Products Inc. (AVP) is proud to announce its twentieth year as a leading designer and manufacturer of roof exhaust and intake vents. As an independent company, AVP has proven itself to be…
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Aura Solar Powered Fans installed in Rutland VT

Active Ventilation Products, Inc. Vents are up and working on the roof of the Green Mountain Power “Energy Innovation Center” in Rutland, Vermont.


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“A River of Opportunities” features Active Ventilation Products

Newburgh NY is our home, and we are proud to be featured in featured article on "A River of Opportunities", a periodical which highlights people, events, and businesses in and around Newburgh. This upbeat article reviews the history of the…
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The Kolt Brothers at the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo

Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo. We hope you’ll come say hello!

We are at Booth 106 at the Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal Expo. We hope you'll come say hello!
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Quick And Easy Installation - Aura Ventilator With Curb Mount Flange On A Roof Curb

Quick and Easy Installation Featuring Our Roof Vents! Flat Roof Ventilation in Teaneck, NJ

It only takes a few minutes to install these vents! Flat Roof Ventilation in Teaneck, NJ

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AVP - Bowling Night

Active Ventilation Products Inc. Celebrates 21 Years

Active Ventilation Products Inc. (AVP) is proud to announce its twenty first year as a leading manufacturer of roof exhaust vents, intake vents & roof accessories. A privately owned company, Active Ventilation Products Inc., key distinction has been bringing innovation…
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Finding Certifications from Underwriter Laboratories (UL) and other Authorities

Check out our Roof Vent certifications: Not all Roof Vents are created equal! To see our certificates and links to UL's web site, click here. At Active Ventilation Products, we go to great lengths to be sure that our products…

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Florida Roofing Magazine featuring Active Ventilation Products is one of the featured Companies in Florida Roofing Magazine is featured! Active Ventilation Products, Inc. is one of the featured Companies in Florida Roofing Magazine, May 2018 issue. All in support of Florida Roofing & Sheet Metal (FRSA) Expo June 28-29 in the beautiful Gaylord Palms Resort & Convention Center…
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Challenges in Roof Vents

What are the biggest challenges in roof vents? The ventilation you place on your roof is going to face with the most challenging environment that your property has to offer. Rain and snow are just the beginning. High winds can…
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Karaoke Night - Team Building With Active Ventilation

Karaoke Night!

June 8th 2017, Newburgh, NY – Active Ventilation Products Inc. (AVP) hosted Karaoke Night for their employees at Max's on Main in Beacon, NY. Owners and founders of AVP, brothers Martin and Ethan Kolt, wanted a way to show appreciation…
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Our Round Back Roof Vents Survive Hurricane Hermine!

Feedback from customer hit by Hurricane Hermine

Our Round Back Roof Vents Survive Hurricane, Withstanding powerful Wind Speeds without Leaks. Hurricane Hermine was a Category 1 hurricane that made landfall on the Florida coast in late August of 2016. Category 1 hurricanes are identified as having wind speeds…
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Florida roof after Hurricanes Charley, Frances, Ivan and Jeanne

Feedback From Florida

Are your roof vents leaking? Say no more to leaky roof vents! Our installed Aura Ventilators Survived 4 Hurricanes, Leaving NO RAIN IN THE ATTIC. In the late summer of 2004, Florida was hit by 4 major hurricanes – in…
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Blue Aura Vent Installed On A Roof In The Caribbean - Highly Recommended

Feedback From The West Indies

Highly recommended, and look groovy too, as us old-timers used to say.. They work great, look great, here in Montserrat in the Caribbean. The buildings are decagons of 8' sides, giving a floor area of a little over 500 sq…
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Our Aura Roof Vents Being Installed On A Home In Southeast Tennessee

Feedback From Chattanooga, TN

Get a Feel for the Venturi Effect: Our Passive Aura Vents are Designed to Draw Out Hot Air by Creating a Vacuum Our Aura Roof Vents do not move, but provide active suction through a patented inner and outer louver…
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Aura Roof Vent istalled on flat roof Raleigh, South Carolina

Feedback From Raleigh, SC.

We get it, sometimes you need building materials quick. While we do manufacture your vents to order, we will help in the best that we can to give you quick shipping when project due dates are approaching. And when they…
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Aura Roof Vents Installed On A Home In St. Louis, Missouri

Feedback From St. Louis, MO.

Appearance matters When it comes to roof vents, we know it is about more than just how well they work, but also how they look on your roof. Curb appeal is important, and Active Ventilation has designed roof vents with…
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Aura Vent installed on roof

Feedback From Benson, AZ.

Check out this success story from a customer who was happy about the maintenance-free design of our vents as well as the step-by-step instructions that made for an easy install:
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Testimonials - Image Of Attic Fan Submitted From A Customer

Feedback From the Kutzler family

Thanks for your help. -the Kutzler family
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Aura Vent in Woodside, CA

Feedback From Woodside, CA

Worked great and very well built products.
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Roof Ventilation For Shipping Containers

Feedback From Georgia

Notice the Difference: How Important is Roof Ventilation for Shipping Containers? Many of our customers contact us to tell us how successful our Roof Vents are in a variety of applications. But how well do they really work? This customer…
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Chicken Coop Vent

Feedback From Maine

What's this about a chicken coop vent? If you're a DIY kind of person and want to build your own coop, dog house, shed, or whatever it may be, you need proper ventilation! We understand that some people have unique…
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Aura Bi-Fan

Feedback From White Plain, NY

From the managing agent for Westage Towers East Condominium: Over the last year and a-half, I've bought and installed about 60 AURA BI-FANs. Installation was easy. We haven't had any breakdowns with these fans. They conserve energy and offer better…
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Aura Vent Over A Cabin For Moisture Reduction

Feedback From Portsmouth, England

Successful Roof Venting for Moisture Reduction A lot of people use roof and attic ventilation as a means to get rid of the heat that builds up. However, roof vents also help with moisture reduction as well! In this extreme…
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Feedback From Stormville, NY

Roof Vents Made in the USA: Get Great Roof Vents that Work Efficiently While Supporting Local Businesses!
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Static Vent in brown on a shingle roof

How Important Are Roof Vents?

What Are Roof Vents? "Roof vent" is a common term often applied to everything from plumbing stacks, to even furnace vents and dryer exhausts. However, as we define roof vents we are specifically referring to the vents designed to remove…
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A Dog House Vent - Using Our Aura PVC Vent Cap

Feedback From Lafayette, LA

Our products are unique, and for many situations like these, you'll only find one company in the roof vent industry who can cater to your specific needs. In this case, a customer was building a dog house, and needed ventilation…
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Nova Scotia Vent Installation on flat roof

Feedback from Nova Scotia

Heavy Snowfall, Rain, Hurricane Winds - Our Durable Roof Vents are Engineered and Tested for that! We have had numerous customers tell us about their experiences after buying a new Aura Ventilator. Many of them tell us that our durable…

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